The health answer - FEVER


Fever is a symptom, not a disease!

Fever is defined as a rise in the core temperature above 38°C, when the child is not highly active and is normally dressed in an average ambient temperature.

Fever is a natural response of the baby’s body to microbial attack, it is not a disease. Only very rarely does it carry complications, but convulsions may occur when fever is high.

It may though bring some discomfort: decreased activity, low appetite, change of mood, sweating and headaches.

If fever persists, the temperature must be taken regularly and the cause looked for, this may lead to an appropriate treatment.

Did you know?

An easy way to assess whether or not baby has a fever is to take his “reference” temperature: measure it when everything’s ok, preferably on waking in the morning, several days in a row, with the same equipment and calculate the average. That way you’ll know baby’s “normal” temperature.

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