The air purifier with a professional quality to fight indoor air pollution. A bad air quality may have negative effects on health (allergies, asthma, headaches…). Luva® offers a double performance for a better efficiency: the filtration of the polluting micro particles, and the air purification by oxyanion.

2 e-nano filters trap 99.7% under 0.3μm micro-particles

Dusts, organic volatile compounds, smokes, bacteria, germs, viruses, pollens, allergens...

Once or twice reusable filters (washable)

Powerful purifying and natural Agents. Permanent filter

The filter Anion G-Filter produces 2 million anions per second (negative ions)

No production of nitrogen or nitrogen oxide

Two use modes : Slow (ultra-quiet 19.8 dB) or Fast (26 dB)

Coloration of the filter after use

Dust and smoke