Thermoflash LX-260T EVOLUTION


ThermoFlash® LX-260T EVOLUTION is revolutionary electronic, medical infrared thermometer equipped with advanced technology called MicrosecondFlash™ technology.
It measures body temperature at a distance of approximately 5cm of the right side of the forehead (temple), in less than one second. It detects the heat emitted by the temporal artery (blood flow).
Its control screen shows different LCD color codes according to the result of temperature for an easy diagnosis.

Immediate temperature measurement without contact in less than one second: 0.28 seconds

No-contact and painless
Reliable and stable measurement even in instable and unfavorable environmental working conditions

Diagnostic by color codes displayed on the screen

Vocal interpretation : 6 languages

English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, German

MicroSecondFlash™ Technology: New patented software of permanent calibration setting

Integration of climatic environment data at each measurement in the calculation
Corrects natural deviance for very high and very low temperature measurements

Easy to use, only one button to press for 3 different modes of temperature measurement

Body (body temperature), Surface Temp (temperature of the bath, bottle, food), Room (ambient temperature)