Thermoflash LX-361T

Non-contact medical/clinical thermometer

The latest generation of electronic medical infrared thermometer, equipped with the unique automatic calibration technology, called MicroSecondFlash™ and a selfdiagnosis function.
In a simple operation, the ThermoFlash® LX-361T measures the body temperature at a distance from 2 to 5 cm of the right side of the forehead (temple) in less than one second. Quick and accurate, just point ThermoFlash® LX-361T toward the right temporal artery from the forehead to get instantly your temperature with no-contact, no pain and safely.

Unique technology clinically tested in hospital *

*Emergency service of children hospital

Quick and automatic calibration

Not setting: pre-calibrated device

Immediate temperature measurement without contact in less than one second: 0.28 seconds

Easy to use, only one button to press for 3 different modes of temperature measurement

BODY: for the body temperature measurement
SURFACE TEMP: for the temperature of the bath, bottle, and food)
ROOM: for the ambient temperature measurement

Vocal function 6 languages