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Visiomed in the world


An innovative and international spirit

Present today in 35 countries, Visiomed inventor of ThermoFlash®, is since its creation in 2007, an international group. ThermoFlash® has first been adopted by healthcare professionals across the borders. Science has no frontier and Healthcare professionals are always ready to adopt innovation facilitating the patients’ management.

Trade relations formed themselves over time with medical distributors and pharmacy distributors.

The development of the autodiagnosis range, then of a babycare range of products named Visiomed Baby favoured the growth of the company.

The medical grade products Visiomed set as a brand, have a real dynamic in Europe, in the Maghreb and in the Middle East today, offering new perspectives of development to the company.

ThermoFlash® cordon sanitaire:

Various viral pandemic outbreaks since about ten years, with the Bird flu, or more recently the crisis  of the Ebola virus, is pointing out the necessity of a cordon sanitaire and epidemiological daily watch. Fever detection, first symptom of viral contagion is now in many case mandatory.
The unique and patented medical grade technology Thermoflash, only tool allowing under all the climates a precise and no contact temperature measurement, thus without risk of contamination, showed itself as a tool of choice to prevent the pandemics to spread.

ThermoFlash®, via NGO’s and the International Organizations, deploys everywhere: in hospitals, atairports, at borders and even at schools entry point in West Africa. ThermoFlash® can also easily be displayed in network, via a system of network monitoring.


BewellConnect, worldwide the first complete connected health ecosystem.

In 2014 with its new brand BewellConnect, Visiomed enters a new stage of its international development. BewellConnect® is international in its genes, as it integrates the societal stakes of health empowerment, everywhere in the world.

It is a pioneer answer to a  "Personalized, Participative, Predictive and Preemptive" health vision , a world trend, emerging in big countries such as the US, but also Africa and all the countries among which the public health policy, but also and at first the patients are forward-looking.