Stylish anti-mosquito bracelet with contactless technology. The skin is not in contact with the active principles that repel mosquitoes, thanks to a double silicon layer: only the outside layer is in contact. ZAP™ bracelet is especially recommended to skin allergies prone persons and/ or persons prone to irritations linked to insects’ bites. ZAP™ bracelet is also a “fashion” product, with a second life after it has lost its mosquito repellent power.

Flexible, light and extremely soft silicon: can be adjusted to every wrist or ankle

Contactless technology, Active principals incorporated on the whole bracelet’s surface

1 neutral layer in contact with the skin and 1 outside Layer incorporated with active principals Wide repellent halo


DEET (10%), Citronella (3%), Geraniol (1.1%), Limonene (3.9%). Between 15 and 20 days of consecutive efficiency

The bracelet is Waterproof and sales in a sealed tube to preserve bracelet’s properties

Inappropriate for pregnant mothers (first trimester), breastfeeding mothers and for children under 36 months