Santé connectée : demain, tous médecins ?
(Connected Health: tomorrow, all doctors?)


In 2020, it is believed that there will be 80 billion of connected objects whose 60% will be linked to Health. From 2017, each of us will daily use and possess 25 objects or corresponding applications. A connected health which will lead to a more personalized, predictive, participatory and preemptive medicine. The entire health chain will be disrupted: from the patient to hospital, from the ambulatory medicine to the dependency management, from the community medicine to the medical desertification, from the individuals to the enterprises… Connected objects will only become relevant with health data collection and analysis. These secured data will only have value if when contextualized and then transmitted to support and service research and medicine.
According to Eric Sebban, this revolution cannot substitute medical professional care by algorithm nor human by machine.
It will only occur if there is a close collaboration with healthcare professional for the benefit of patient. This book is primarily addressed to them. 


Passionate entrepreneur, and pioneer in advanced generation of electronic medical devices, Eric Sebban is the founder of Visiomed, which develops innovative health devices, in the diverse and growing sector of self-diagnosis for medical purposes, and well-being. Eric Sebban is notably the inventor of ThermoFlash, the first instant no-contact thermometer, based on infrared technology.